Go-Kards – The Oddbods BoardGame Released

For 2-5 Players, 30+ mins Play, Kids 7+ to adult

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Family Fun Race Begins

Oddbods board game with a race track that brings fun, mirth and engagement in a simple, friendly and creative environment and superb game and race mechanics


The game’s clever design and interchangeable track allows players to build their own board-game that plays differently depending on how it’s constructed. Quick or prolonged game, you decide!


Board and card actions relate to 7 Oddbods’ core personality traits. Mischievousness, unpredictability, tantrum causes delight and frustarion as the game picks pace around the tracks!


It’s modular allowing players to add or remove levels of startegy and complexity to suit any age group from 7 upwards. Play different circuit configurations and pitstops to rev up the fun!

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Choose Your Circuit and Pitstops

Squarish or Rectangle or Complex.

Square Circuit

Rectangular Circuit

Complex Circuit

Start & Finish

Newt Point

Slick Point

Zee Section

Go-Kards Racing Tracks

Innovation in the way you lay the tracks and play the game

Unique track design to make different and innovate squarish, rectangular and complex circuits. You can also do your own bespoke circuit to race, all thanks to unique and innovative design

Meeples Pace the Tracks

razer meeples whiz past the tracks according to your moves, traps and quirks

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All you need to race with family and friends

Family Set

$49per set (74 pieces)
  • 7 Meeples
  • 20 Movement Cards
  • 12 Pranking Cards
  • 14 Special Cards
  • 6 Jeff’s Rule Cards
  • 1 Pogo Dice
  • 6 Race Tracks
  • 4 Corner Tiles
  • 4 Constructs/Pitstops
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Take your racing to the next level

Pro Set

$110per set (145 pieces)
  • 7 Meeples
  • 40 Movement Cards
  • 20 Pranking Cards
  • 29 Special Cards
  • 10 Jeff’s Rule Cards
  • 1 Pogo Dice
  • 6 Race Tracks
  • 8 Corner Tiles
  • 8 Constructs/Pitstops
  • 1 Centre Board
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